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Joint Forces language test

This website is intended to be a collection of useful material for those who wish to take the English language proficiency  exam  according to the Stanag 6001 language descriptors.

All the materials found in this website have been collected both on the web or provided by native English Language teachers with experience of the  Stanag 6001.

STANAG 6001 does not impose on NATO members any particular form of the military English exams. Therefore, each country has developed its own national way of dealing with STANAG 6001 exams.  

The JFLT exam is used by Italian Armed Forces and it is designed to verify its personnels’ skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing in 4 separate tests. All the examination papers are designed exclusively for the military exams and there is no possibility to validate other certificates or diplomas as in some other NATO countries.  Read More…


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Globe English centre: English in England for adults and children
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